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How Wedding Travel Options Can Assist In The Planning Process

For many travelers, Hawaii is a must-go vacation destination. However, what many travelers may not know is that this locale is often a hot spot for weddings and receptions. For this reason, travel packages have been designed specifically for weddings on the islands. The following are details about how Hawaiian wedding packages can help with the planning process.

Travel Arrangements and Pickup Services

The packages often offer travel arrangements and airport pickup services. They provide air travel accommodations based on the selections made by the couple. This includes travel to and from the islands. The services may include pickup from their current location to the airport. They also provide pickup from the airport to their hotel and back to the airport on the day of the departure to their resident state. The packages offer discounted rates for air travel.

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Hotel Accommodations for the Wedding and Honeymoon

Hotel accommodations are provided for the wedding as well as the honeymoon for the couple. The package chosen defines the total number and days and nights allowed. If the couple requires accommodations for family members, they could choose a wedding package that includes these options.

Venue Rentals through Wedding Packages

The wedding packages also provide a venue rental. In most cases, the venue is a banquet hall located at their chosen hotel. They have access to planners and designers to help them choose designs for the banquet hall and adjacent rooms used for the reception. The options available to them are included in the information for their chosen package.

Catering Opportunities for the Reception

Catering opportunities may also be available through the chosen venue. If the couple wishes to utilize a restaurant, they should review the terms of their package to acquire these options. However, some packages may provide them with a list of available restaurants or catering services for these purposes.

In Hawaii, weddings are a mainstay. Travelers across the country visit this tropical paradise to achieve their dream beach wedding. Through wedding packages, the couple can plan their wedding completely. They are afforded access to specific services including venue rentals. Couples who want to learn more about a Hawaiian wedding should review these packages now.

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